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Title: On the Level
Author: [ profile] saone77
Pairing: Clint/Coulson
Fandom: Avengers Prohibition Era AU
Summary: After he and Clint made their intentions clear, Phil figured that he'd get a late night visitor. That didn't make waking up with a knife to his throat any less disconcerting, though.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Not betad, grammarians beware.
Word Count: 1408
Disclaimer: This is indulgent, cracktastic fiction.
Notes: Part of the Bee's Knee's series, a 1920's AU where Clint and Nat are bootleggers for crime boss Nick Fury and his right-hand-man, Phil.


When Phil is rudely pulled out of what had been a very nice dream, he doesn't know what he finds more disconcerting: the sharp press of a stiletto against his neck, or that the deadly, vivacious bootlegger currently straddling his hips isn't the one he was just unconsciously cavorting with. )</lj-cut
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Title: Now You're on the Trolley
Author: [ profile] saone77
Fandom: Avengers MCU
Summary: Prohibition Era AU. Sequel to Don't Take Any Wooden Nickles. When Clint's grabbed by some of Fury's goons, he thinks his number's up. But his abduction leads to some truths that might be worth more than all the moonshine in every juice joint in the city.
Pairing: Clint/Coulson
Characters: Clint, Coulson, Fury
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Not betad, grammarians beware. This fic includes way too much slang, kidnapping, assault, nakedness, bondage, mentions of additional violence (including possible dismemberment and dissolving), mentions of a character engaging prostitutes. There's no death or lasting injuries, and everybody's happy at the end, though. So, read at your own discretion.
Word Count: 1,997
Disclaimer: This is indulgent, cracktastic fiction.
Notes: Don't Take Any Wooden Nickles was an exchange gift fic for [ profile] psyko_kittie. Sometime after the work was posted, she asked me if I planned on continuing in the 'verse. I said that if I did, would she mind if I made the fic C/C. She said no, and then I got promptly buried under other stuff and put all of these particular bunnies on a back burner. Recently one of those bunnies got tired of being on a back burner, and this happened.


Clint always figured he'd meet with a bad end. )


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