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PA Senator Eichelberger: 'We're Allowing Gay Couples to Exist'

LEACH: Should our only policy towards [same-sex] couples be one of punishment, to somehow prove that they’ve done something wrong?

Eichelberger: They’re not being punished. We’re allowing them to exist, and do what every American can do. We’re just not rewarding them with any special designation.

Hear that, gay people, you should just be happy that the Republicans haven't vaporized you with their minds yet! *eyeroll*

I'm actually going to a commitment ceremony this weekend. I'm going to dance, and party, and watch one of the best people I know stand up in front of his friends and family with the guy he loves. And all of that will be happening in ... wait for it... Pennsylvania! The Pennsylvania in this reality even! Suck it, Eichel-whatever, suck it hard.
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CNN, John McCain's camp at odds following confrontational Campbell Brown interview. In one of those moments a network executive would excitingly term "great TV," CNN's Campbell Brown and John McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds clashed on air Monday over vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's foreign policy credentials.

Tensions -- and voices -- rose after the anchorwoman told Bounds that she was just "trying to get someone from the campaign to explain what foreign policy experience [Palin] has." Bounds repeatedly skirted the question, choosing instead to criticize Barack Obama's lack of executive experience.

This afternoon, anchorman Wolf Blitzer announced on air that McCain's planned interview with Larry King tonight had been canceled by the campaign. Blitzer said McCain aides complained that Brown had gone "over the line" in her grilling of Bounds.

*snort* Grilled. Riiiight. They're just upset that Brown had the audacity to question their talking points. Was she the first reporter to call the campaign on the whole 'Palin has experience with troops because she controlled the Alaska National Guard' hooey?

Oh, and McCain canceling on Larry King 'cause one of his staffers got spanked on the air. Yeah, that shows the kind a maturity I want in the White House.
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Democrat Tim Kaine has won the Virginia Governor's race. With 90% of the vote counted, Kaine leads Republican Jerry Kilgore by about 90,000 votes.
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Yes, yes it is. *g*

Got to the polling place ten minutes after it opened, and I was the 61st person to vote! Usually I'm around 14th, but 61st, that's just... amazing. That kind of turn out's never even happened in a presidential election. Heh, maybe if it had, Virginia wouldn't be labeled as a red state.

Anyway, we've had such a good run under Mark Warner, here's hoping we get four more years with a Democrat at the helm. *crosses fingers and toes*


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