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Title: Flash Point II
Author: [ profile] saone77
Summary: Meetings, and fights, and exposition, oh my!
Pairings: pre-slash Jensen/Cougar, slight mention of Jensen/other
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Not betad, grammarians beware.
Word Count: 4121
Disclaimer: This is indulgent, cracktastic fiction.
Notes: This is a sequel to Flashpoint I, and like the first installment, this is a blend of various movie and comic verses.

Here's Johnny... )
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Title: Flash Point
Author: [ profile] saone77
Summary: Jensen may be a Loser, but he's still a hero.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Not betad, grammarians beware.
Word Count: 1713
Disclaimer: This is indulgent, cracktastic fiction.
Notes: This is a combination of various move-verses. I have always loved crossovers, the crackier the better, and one of the first things I thought of after seeing The Losers was how easily it could hook into other fandoms (Chris Evans' imdb page alone is a veritable goldmine). This little bunny came into existence last fall, and over the months I've kept coming back to it, putting a little bit more in each time, until I finally shaped it into something fic-like. And yeah, there's probably going to be a sequel. ;)

In the end it comes down to instinct. )
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Title: When You Meet a Monster (1/1)
Author: Saone
Summary: Set post-movie/pre-series. How a hunter is born.
Fandoms: Supernatural, Friday the 13th
Characters: Dean Winchester/Clay Miller
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,094
Spoilers: None for Supernatural, a few for Friday the 13th.
Notes: This is the first fic I've written in over a year and I'm still shaking the rust off, so, many thanks to [ profile] tigriswolf for taking a look. Any mistakes left are mine.

His name was Jason... )
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Title: Propositioned
Rating: PG-13. Gen...mostly. This is Captain Jack we're talking about here.
Pairing/Characters: Captain Jack Harkness, Sam & Dean, a few mentions of Ianto
Notes: This is a very belated birthday present for [ profile] wirrrn. Thanks go to [ profile] mad_server for the awesomely fast beta, and [ profile] lady_razzle for help with the title.
Disclaimers: Oh, the things I would do if they were mine...
Summary: Sometime in the near to not-so-distant future, Jack's looking to recruit two new members to the Torchwood team, but is he ready for the brothers Winchester?

The first thing Jack noticed when he entered the bar was how wonderfully blue collar it was. )
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Title: Fashion Can Be a Real Bitch
Author: Saone
Summary: Billy and Teddy meet their scariest adversary yet.
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: Written for [ profile] j_crew_guy's prompt. Thanks for the quickie beta! *smooshes you with girl!germs*
Timeline: AU after #12. Civil War? What Civil War?

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